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minuria is most common in adolescent anemic males, of poor nutrition,
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believes to be the caiL%a morbi of small-pox and vaccinia. The long
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posedly very characteristic, is best heard at the beginning of consolida-
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should also be employed. Should the fever be high, it must be met, as
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from injuries, as cerebral concussion and hemorrhage, and fracture of the
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side of the hand usually affords relief. The duration of the affection
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General Ssrmptoms. — The skin is pale and shows slight icterus, the
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hours before the succeeding paroxysm is expected, the object being to
one hand, and, owing to the inability of the segments to effect perfect
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oxysmal cough, bronchorrhea, and sometimes the signs of bronchiectasis.
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reside of variola, is filled with colorless lymph, is umbilicated, multi-
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quarts (2-3 liters), and its color varies from grayish-white to a creamy,
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bossellated. The capsule is slightly adherent to the depressions between
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absolutely unfavorable. It should be remembered that some instanetf
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In obscure insta,nces some of tlie fluid should be withdrawn and chemi-
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the nerve, or to hyperemia, ischemia, exudation, and the like.
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tion of the hepatic substance, as in acute yellow atrophy, carcinoma,
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der of the liver projecting in some instances several fingers' breadths
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are very alarming, as they are the results of laryngeal obstruction, there
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egg to a cocoanut — is over the first and second right interspaces near
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and profound, early, systemic depression, — a diagnosis of acute intestinal
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tion of the exudate. Special attention is, however, to be paid to the
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large and small — ^' coffin-lid-shaped." These also are soluble in acetic
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however, begins gradually as a rule, the condition often existing withoot
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only involved the recognition of colors, not of form. In all these cases
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