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systolic or diastolic according to the relation they bear to the pulse;

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A week later the wounds had healed. The parotid region and

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weight was placed on the foot, but no general disturbance was noted.

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kidney was cut in half The transverse colon and a large piece of the

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and small doses of potassium nitrate were given. The anus, etc., was

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union, nor is there any new bone thrown out at the edges,' of the line

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Sarcomata are much rarer than epitheliomata. In the few published

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are very few who would not, under such circumstances, derive great

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(Reported from the Practice of Dr. WILKS, at Guy's Hospital.)

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tainly there is no happiness within this circle of flesh,

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An interesting case, however, is recorded by Dr. Quain, in which the

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Local Secretaries, and the financial position of the Association, the

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August. Paper on the Use of Ether in the Performance of Surgical

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As early as 1881 M. Bouchard had succeeded in increasing the re-

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tion of the fluid is veiy slow, and at the end of six or eight weeks there

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integral unity of its several parts have been more decidedly recognised.

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inflamed, preparatory to adhesion, for the right portion of the double

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march was deliberately arranged to occupy precisely the hottest hours

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32. A ten-year-old gelding sent to Alfort on the gth June, 1897, by

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tions, have not yet been supplied by the Infirmaiy. They are, however,

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appetite had remained good until a few days previous to entry, when it

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I examined it on the following afternoon. Both lungs gave signs

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new growths. In an old bitch suffering from tumours of the vulva,

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ment must necessarily greatly retard the flow of fluid down the convo-

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own time was quite out n he . fP^^.^P^ce, and even in our

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relied upon ; and it was apparently efficacious, the attacks in two cases

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surgeon, who had not suspected its true nature. A fortnight later it

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radial arter)', their alternation was equally conspicuous. I do not know

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backwards much more obliquely than is usually done, and thus secures

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many other matters of detail, careful records of observations by local

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was evident in the two first cases it was extremely doubtful in the

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Nottingham; B. B. ; Mr. K. Lawson, London; Dr. D. Leslie, London; etc.

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ceding diarrhcea, there has been no increased action of the bowels. To