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vapor. Since the ozone attacks organic matter and may become
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ing pens, and other portions of the killing floor of the house at the time of the com-
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The serum diagnosis (or the Gruber-Widal test) of glanders con-
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Thus, of the 11 children who formed the group which came into
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On June 26, 1915, a tracheotomy was performed and the growth was then
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parenchyma for a considerable distance, distorting the architecture of
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found to lay more than 200 eggs in one year, and the results seem to
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3. Transfer sections to 60 per cent alcohol for from two to three
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disease before any of the others.* We cannot find that Fritzie H, on
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English custom of having all animals in each class exhibited and
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imposing appearance. The breed is also very prepotent.
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FiQ. 7. — Front elevation of barn shown In flg. 6.
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is Ills.. (Icrniincil in I'fvcr, wliidi cxiiliiiiis llio iis.> in ifniii.TMlinv lliat is
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or man, OS ().!• frm. of glucose per kilo^jram lioil\ wi'iirht and i)cr hour can
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although a letter diagnosing the case was forwarded to the inspector
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■M.Ci.lliiiii, K. V I ...lliil".riili.r-: Num. i..ii» [.iipiM ii. .Iinir. Iliiil. Chrm,. I..'
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found of late that feeding experiments with certain weeds have given
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,|„. sai |ili,.|iv uli.'M III.- niiitli s.-^iii. lit I' \nU'Ur,\ 111.' I'.-.'lil- .■..iili'a.'t-
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this is found in the investigations of Zuntz and Hagemann upon
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have not yet been attacked, as they are being seized and are dying
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become so fitted to its new surroundings that it can exert its usual
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thri.e t'..iirtlis of this aiii,.iiiit <.f .•arh.iliy.lral.- in liis .laily rations, am!
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certificate to the American secretary far enough in advance of sailing
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