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The pain is intense and vomiting severe and persistent. The duration of

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as measles and scarlet fever. It seems that a more decided and pro-

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(tremors, subsultus tendinum, etc.), and carphologia (picking at tne bed-

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if the latter prove indispensable the lightest only should be employed.

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room for error of diagnosis exists. Moreover, in cases that are im-

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assumed that until the pleural sac is at least one-half filled with sen)-

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bad, Kissingen) often produces most satisfactory results.

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excess of connective tissue, with atrophy of the liver-cells. It presents

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The physiologic effects of the drug can be quickly obtained by

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regurgitation, the diagnosis of mitral stenosis must be made with ex-

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which is identical with that produced by Afanassiefi"s bacillus. Even

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thoroughly convinced ; in neutralizing the hyperacidity of the gastric

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duced. A cystic growth may be combined with adenoma (cystic ade-

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lies themselves be found. Atrophic gastritis may be discriminated by

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much care and attention cannot he bestowed upon the question of tbe

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Prognosis. — Some impairment of motion and more or less wasting

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direct the attention of this House to our recommen-

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The etiology and pathology will be considered at sufficient length

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and the exaggerated tactile fremitus and vocal resonance will serve to

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enteritis) has for its two most characteristic symptoms slight griping or

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invariably produces a sudden, and sometimes a great, fall of tempera-

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the presence of bile. On agitation, however, there will be no yellow

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neither by the sanitary surroundings, food, nor by the water. The first

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of the auricle comes on early, and in the later stages it may be extreme,

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many fine programs listed above and more. An extremely competent and dedicated

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Of medicines, those that rank highest are phosphorus, the bypophos-

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df pyloric carcinoma, though it presents a few distinguishing features.

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tirety of the lung-tissue, or proliferation of the interstitial connective

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dilated. The right ventricle is somewhat more frequently dilated than

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flammation about the lesion results in the formation of a wall. The cyst

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108°, 109° F. (42.7° C), or higher, though in light cases the acme may

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tuberculous cavity or superficial caseous mass. In other instances the

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oped at the We ; but here the urinary symptoms, together with inten-

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Large or small bleetlin^is may precede by weeks, months, or even year*