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Osier points out that the condition of the teeth known as enmf^

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may be exhibited for a long time in small doses, and it may in some

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left as far as the axilla. If now the stethoscope be applied just above

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into the bag. There are cases in which it is safer to empty the stomack

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hemorrhage {apoplexy), cerebral tumor^ or meningitis. The points of

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joints, and bones, is usually found as an associated condition.

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areas in which the nervous tissue has been destroyed, no matter what the

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of the lingual muscles. There are dysphagia and generally frequent

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of fulness then remains, and complete relief is not felt in these cases.

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local induration occurred. The kidney was subseciuently detected in

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of a couple of days, and comprise fever, decided prostration, sweats, splenic

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for rheumatism, from which it differs, however, in the localization of the

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grow longer until the remissions become slight and simulate continued

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deeply-seated incarcerated hernia (in the abdominal fossse and pouches,

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calomel purge followed by a dose of castor oil may be administered.

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ment (Ilenry)^ Synovitis with hemorrhages into the joints may some-

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effect a cure. Opium seems not only to exert an influence over tlie