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aiat. The chemist has shown us that rachitic bones may contain less than
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ating intracardial coagulation of blood; and should the latter aceidnit
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Diagnosis. — Membraimu* laryngilU may be mistalccu for «pi
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than females : it must be recollected, however, that males are more cSttt
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will find the story of each affection a continuous one. The practitioner,
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begin to fade, oil-drops and granules appear in the fibers, and finally the
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liter — or even more), which in most cases is mixed with air or gas de-
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let fever all the premonitory symptoms are absent, and tne rash is the
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stances are even met with in which the process seems to have crept from
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observed, and under these circumstances fecal vomiting may occur.
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probably begins as a catarrhal inflammation of the ducts, involving the
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the average, and is more irregular in type than in typhoid ; the pulse is
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tissue that is more or less studded with chronic miliary tubercles is apt
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inflammation, as the result of downward extension, implicates the smaller
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garded as a parasitic disease, presents two leading indications. One has
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It ooncomitants ; the anemic murmurs are soft and distant, and not
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very restless, a stimulant may be administered — fgj (32.0) of whiskey,
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quarter of the globe, but is more prevalent in certain latitudes than in
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ca?*eous masses of a yellowish-white color may be visible. These often
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characteristic. They may either be acute in character or very mild ;
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ered with thick mucus, or the latter may ooze around the uvula fn>mthe
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yellowish-white secretion appear here and there. Sometimes the phar-
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date. Louis of Paris in 1829 proposed the term typhoide^ but it re-
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pylorus). If the stenosis follows ulceration in the duct, and is sufficient
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patic vessels, disappearance of glycogen from the liver, and the appea^
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Scurvy will be distinguished from purpura under the description of the
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A Hue ult at ion reveals a systolic murmur, which exhibits its greatest
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upon it as thin filaments. This condition is met with in syphilis,
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sional outbarsts of temper or unrestrained jollity may be regarded a
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evacuated, should be washed out with some mild antiseptic sohitioL
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These topical applications should be made directly with a cotton-carrier
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both for prognostic and therapeutic reasons, to differentiate between the
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Diagnosis. — The clinical recognition of diabetes insipidus rests
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more often a single large abscess is found. The walls may be soft and
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dog is the offending party. Ihe cat, wolf, cow, and horse also suffer
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The disease is most common during the period of greatest sexual
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(c) Stage of DecUne or Defervescence. — At the end of the second
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states that at this time the residue should not exceed 20 to 40 c.c. This