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kocytes, red blood-corpuscles (in abundance when ascites is due to gen-
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the vessel, as in chronic phthisis. It causes infiltration of the arterial
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lutritious substances. Stimulants are required in most instances, and
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third ami even second interspaces. At this point — the second inttr-
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may be briefly considered seriatim, (a) In shape it is usually round or
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volume, and soft. I have been able to confirm the observations of
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(2.5 cm.) or more beyond the right sternal border. When there is great
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number of cubic centimeters of the decinormal solution normally required
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border. The method (introduced by Heuter) has been much practised
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used in combating the insomnia and attacks of delirium. These cases
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President-Elect — C. Emory Bohler, M.D., Brooklet
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The administration of raw or broiled thyroids, or of their varioos
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f^A yf*'!*^$f'M ^A the ferer seem s to be reallr a nerrons phenomenon
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of normal expansion everywhere the lower part of the sternum and the
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ate, certain deformities develop, and among them is notably lorda$i$.
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penetrating wounds are not infrequent causes. Perihepatitis is a grave
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that are unfavorable : Favorable Conditions.— (1) When the hypertrophic
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]!onver8ely, fever may be absent throughout the attack, and a post-
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The bacterium colt commune (always present in the intestinal tract) is
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Ktiology. — Although an anomalous position of the kidney is usu-
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part invaded is a grayish-yellow pultaceous mass, but in the second or
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ing or by improper food — as shown by the stools, as a rule — in which
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is caused by the tubercle bacillus (vide Pulmonary Tubercalosis). A auk-