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The Labrador Hospital Ship.— On Monday, at 7.30 p.m.,
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dition to the amount paid into court— i.'ioO in all. Judgment accord-
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cellent recruit and a good shot. We feel sure tliat the whole
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thetic, so that at once, with the assistance of Dr. Townsend, T mad© a
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instances the cause of obstruction to the small intestine
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possibility of combining a distinguished political position
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ofEi'ers in reference to superannuation. He need hardly tell
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In a paper on "Peripheral Neuritis," published in the Brhtol
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and with the liability to attack the average severity of attack.
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materially aftect the averages or to afford any basis for com-
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Ulverston. The lake country is but ill-prepared to combat the disease.
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which consists only of diplomates in Public Health.
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operations having been performed. All these cases had been
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upiAvards of fourteen years she wore a pes.sary. which only gave partial
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processes of elimination is the sole and vital basis of physical'
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Mb. Maesh showed a man, aged 21, with Primary Lupus of
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session was held at Stafl'ord on February 23rd, Dr. Malet,
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day was thirty. Before the onset of a fit she is restless, then
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Lastly, the Star rushes back to the old dictum that one
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that full advantage might be taken of the retraction and con-
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vaccination against rabies. By means of this principle we
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9 crains, and then proceeded to remove all the prostate which projected
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patient's abdomen, she was sure there was another. On examining I
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Secj'etary and General Superintendent, by March 31st.
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Mills.— On March nth, at Galeed House, Piershill, N.B,, the infant son
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show that du'ing the whole period of the rash the excretion of sugar was
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coloured. The heads of the spermatozoa were cohnircd, but
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pyema with cardiac dropsy, who had made good recoveries, as
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inducing the governing body of the Institute to reconsider
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The &'tar recurs to its text, and, in the course of a column
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climflte, and it allows of an open-air life, and of camping out
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Department whether his attention had been drawn to the repo.ts in the
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with the exception of the occasional second maximum of
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to the peritonitis a large eflusion of fluid into the small intes-
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ment of humanity, and, secondly, that in raising the social
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of these bodies could be traced, there was not sufficient evi-
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Murray, Dr. A. S. Percival, and Mr. Rutherford Morrison,
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Dr. Geo. Steele Perkins (Weymouth street, W.) writes, with reference
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attempt had been made for years to clean out the creek, and
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We have received from Mr. T. G. Ouston (House-Surgeon at
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country wlieu wanted, I took to making it myself, and then taught tne
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ai-p-- Her head dropped forwards and she cnuM not keep it erect. A
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being removed, and in four it was a condition of the opera-