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preat diagnostic importance. Mobius has called attention to the inability
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posture unless his legs are extended. The gait is characteristic ; the legs
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in common, may be adduced here, and, as each variety presents different
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physical exertion. Mental inertia is the rule, and chronic mania may
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proeea*. Rigors or a decided chilliness may occur. Diarrhea often
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same extent as the leg, and secondary contractures develop in time, the
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in November of 1971, whieh means that we are still operating a year-and-a-half
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the services which can be provided, their accessibility
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the length of time the condition has lasted, since aneurysm runs a longer
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cantharides and other irritants of the urinary tract — cubebs, copaiba,
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tabe from the stomach. Albuminoids are rapidly and starches slowly
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ous. The necrosis may extend over one-half the face of the siile affectel
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subdivisions are of the greatest importance in the treatment of a case,
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Ohronic Localized Peritonitis. — This is of frequent occurrence, and is
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peritoneum is at intervals partly covered by a membrane of new con-
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^phoid fever), both the local and constitutional symptoms are more or
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cation of the pustules begin.'* defervescence also commences, and proceeds
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conditions. The radiation of pain along the lower left costal border to
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