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obstruction in the lungs may contribute to the result by slowing the ci^

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influences and its patholo<ric antecedents and relations; (2) its gradaal

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chronic ulcerative phthisis. The pleural membranes are only more or

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the visual memory for objects, faces, or places may be lost. The follow-

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boric acid, listerin, or Dobeirs solution, well diluted, may be used to keep

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scavengers of the respiratory organs — the mucous corpuscles lining ibt

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upon the character of the food taken ; hence the fact that they occur more

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anatomic lesions in leading particulars, their pathology will be con-

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Etiology. — Cystic disease of the kidneys is either congenital or

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the circulating medium in the arterial tree, but this depleting influence is

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are pronounced, however, and the patient maintains the dorsal decubitus

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Quite recently Pfeiffer and KoUe have shown the presence of a bac-

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teriorly to the level of the angle of the scapula. The increase of per-

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severe as to require bromids, codein, or even morphin, though the use of

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tive tissue. Lymphadenitis of moderate grade is found in association

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larger branches of the pulmonary artery and cause copious and speedily

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but to this rule there are numerous exceptions, and among not ancom-

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Differential Diagnosis. — A calcareous plate lying on the intima of the

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7. The general mortality in the 5794 cases reported was 12.3 per

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or more of the joints, and pain are the usual symptoms. The mnsdei

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mitral stenosis may succeed that of mitral incompetency, but this is

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assists the general health. Swedish movements are useful in maintiin-

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most frequent cause of sudden death in this affection. In aortit iten^^k

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lysis), enlarged spleen, and the rose-colored spots.

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The detection of acute or chronic splenic hyperemia, as manifeste«i

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results have been obtained from the use of elaterium ; I often combine

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distance the contagion can be conveyed through the air is not known,

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merely — sometimes appear. I have under my observation now a patient

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however, also occurs {typhus siderans), and this often proves fatal before

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mania, leading to complete coma or maniacal delirium. The patient

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an acute tuberculous adenitis may very closely simulate Hodgkin 8 dis-

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onsrt ])reviousIy described be kept in remembrance.

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of an abscess. The multiple abscesses occurring in pyemic conditions,

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The direct causes are mainly (1^ dietetic. These include the ingesdon

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physiologic) has pathologic significance. Boas also found that ordinary

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'n them, though the blood-vessels, many of which are beaded by small

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tion should be practised while air is being forced into the rectum, in-

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the lymph-spaces and lymph-vessels. On reaching the bronchiil ■■-

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The diet shouM be light, nutritious, and non-stimulating, all hot drinb

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Treatment. — The patient should be enabled to enjoy the benefit of

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into the pleural cavity, and the condition of the latter as regards the

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nucleus, third-nerve trunk, ciliary ganglion, and the ciliary nerves.