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inoculating, and follow this at once with a second inoculation of immune

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pains, etc. subside. The fever of suppuration which then succeeds is

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The acute form often has a sudden onset, the initial symptoms being a

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thin t'ttil nothin</ contributes so much as proper feeding.

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circumstances counter-irritation, together with the use intemallv «•:'

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of temperature — an ominous association of events, and one which I

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mittent type of malarial fever. The latter can always be differentiated

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cases at Bfijsle, the symptoms being lassitude, depression, headache,

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iigh, and the solid constituents diminished, except the j)hosphates, which

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termination I noted in one of mv own cases. Traces of albumin, and

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of inflation, since this makes plain the course and position of the lesser

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causal factor, the presence of moderate tenderness, and augmented ten-

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cedent 01 the gangrenous form. The disease may result also from perfor-

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be found to have remained normal, or even to have enlarged, perhaps.

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wine of ipecac every half hour until relieved, or the antiemetics, as cre-

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attacks of asthma; and since chronic bronchitis in its highest grades is

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the cricoid cartilage. The extensive purulent ulceration following the

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often observed. The nutritive system is, in confirmed cases, seriously

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4. Treatment of Malarial Hematuria. — The treatment of hematuria as

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coarse granules superadded. The granules represent minute, opaque

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a certainty no more than we know just how long diphtheria is purely a

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poisoning. Another variety affects the rectum {proctospasm), and is

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