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pain, the nausea, and the diarrhea in this disease we have a remedy

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Symptoms. — Hematoma is occasionally found postmortem^ though

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red to a livid bluish tint. As they fade away they assume at first a yel-

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Tubercuh>si8 of the Fallopian Tubes, Ovaries, and Uterus 314

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The prognosis in uncomplicated cases is inyariably good, but when

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must be exorcised, lest this class be confounded with septic affections. (4)

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Besides meeting the pathologic and symptomatic indications, we

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and hemoptysis is sometimes attended with difficulty, and the points of

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Alexander of Liverpool has ligated the vertebral artery in 86 cases, his

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cine virus. Any of these complications call for the same treatment as

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ical, are to be avoi<led. The climate should be temperate and mode-

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Btiology, — True diphtheria is caused by the Klebs-Lbfller bacillus,

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While undoubted cases occur, syphilis of the lungs is rare indeed.

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tainty upon the development of an increased quantity of pale clear urine

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application of numerous antiseptic remedies, and it is along this line

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influences, however, is age^ the condition being most common in children

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Symptoms. — Autopsies frequently reveal a chronic adhesive peri-

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physema develops may have previously had chronic bronchitis with

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Prognosis. — Chyluria is intermittent in its appearance, correspond-

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attacks of dyspnea, either by day or night (often on awakening), that

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anemic necrosis. Thus, necrotic crusts (sloughs) are formed, which are

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