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form of droplets or jjoints. The fever is moderate, the temperature rang-

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bne-limit. There is an epigastric oppression with a distention of the

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The inflammation reaches its height in about three or four days,

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the following: Sodium bromid, gr. v (0.324) every two hours, or gr.

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almost total absence to a greatly increased intensity. The tricuspid in-

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rheumatic diathesis. Indeed, acute endocarditis may be the sole expressioo

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and may persist for a while in extra-uterine life, while the acquired

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from the size of a miliary tubercle to that of a pea or even larger, are

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tried. The former has been described in the preceding discussion

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diagnosis of a complicating pleuritis, for example, may be confirmed,

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pnea is out of proportion to the area of lung-tissue involved. Most of

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l)e seen. On palpation the new growth, in a majority of cases, may be

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the diagnosis^ in that it brought to view bilateral paralysis of the abduc-

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met with in them. They are more commonly damaged by extension of

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fibrous tissue at the expense of the glandular elements. Cretinism maj

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abundance of uric acid and urates. The pulse often becomes slowed.

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The course is usually rapid, occupying from two to six weeks on the

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tufts of Purkinje*8 cells. Cajal has called these the scandent or cHndh

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purposes is now generally held to be superfluous. Lactic acid in the

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or arrest the return of venous blood from the peritoneal membrane,

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begins as a polyarthritis, with subsequent fixation in one articulation.

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ment of a large portion of the lung, associated severe general bronchitis,