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troublesome symptom, being more common, however, in the chronic

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congenital cystic degeneration of the kidneys. There is considerable en-

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pulsations could be felt. The patient was of the opinion that the condi-

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infectious diseases (typhoid fever in particular), susceptibility is not so

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effort. He will be forgetful and perhaps careless where he was fomierlj

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contend that hemorrhage from the lungs in women is without the saae

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a policy provided a very necessary shot in the arm to our economic situation back

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Definition. — A disease of the spinal cord characterized by loss of

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The cervical branches of the dorsal and lumbar nerves are involved in

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Of gastro-intestinal symptoinB vomiting is the most common. It nsa-

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expand on account of thick bands of adhesion, the pleural layers can-

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is generally followed by a variable interval of freedom from symptomi,

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tient's knowledge, since loss of sensation is complete. These constitute

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on record in which the ulcer perforated the left ventricle. Penetration

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ilographers, but the continuous mode is, in the opinion of most specialists,

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Rub the swab gently but freely against the visible exudate, and without lajring it down, alter

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or«raniztMl into a laver of firm connective tissue. Hence the two lavers

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I>liration and Prognosis. — Acute uremia is manifested by coma

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necessary, with ice to the head, leeching or more free bleeding, and in-

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phonation, and venous congestion, by pressure respectively upon the

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suffer most. The histologic changes may be of the parenchymatous va-

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idults, and the latter may be quite acute. On the other hand, a com-

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pet(-ncy. If a careful observation of the murmur fails to establish tbt

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issared surface, and it may either be coated or red and glazed. The

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taining pigment, particularly in the portion nearest the dura. Dr.

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may be felt distinctly below the lower edge of the liver as a pyriform,

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or typical rheumatic symptoms and history on the other, the diagnosis

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occur. Attacks of biliary colic are of variable duration, lasting from a

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(rarely intermittent) presence of glycosuria, polyuria, and, later, ace-

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peritoneum, urogenital organs, and the brain. The other chief viscera

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it follows exposure to cold. Its involvement may be a part of an ante-

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sels of the intestines, by removing the collateral edema, and by indi-

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proportion of the cases, in which it is sudden with well-marked symp-

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the associated or causal affections. The conditions on which a pulmonarj

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and often impossible, by the absence of characteristic symptoms. A

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forceps, needles, or the Ohse, which must previously be held a moment

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and of which the hot springs of Arkansas and Virginia, and the Rich-

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T^he development of CEREBRAL ANGIOGRAPHY, uscd in association with clin-

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General Course. — This presents wide variations in different cases.

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rmcteristic of that valvular lesion, are the necessary result. The blood-

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and intervertebral articulations. Quite unusual articulations may become