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which the liver increased in size perceptibly during recovery (Harley,

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pain in the nape of the neck, yawning, a yellowish complexion, and a

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coextensive pulsation. The symptoms of visceral or cutaneous embolic

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tuberculosis, a knowledge of the pre-existence of a tuberculous focus or

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wiped oflf gently, after which the sheet, blanket, etc. are withdrawn and

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best suited to those instances in which there is no increase of artcriil

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complications is jaundice, and abscess of the liver also rarely occurs.

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80, 84, and 76 per cent, respectively, while the sclerse were pale in but

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physical signs indicate resolution. When the latter change occurs it

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dc'cidedly flattened. In tliis form the septum frequently shows incn^a^rl

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of the feet may be aflfected ; movement causes pain, and these parts are

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and creasote should be given for a period of two or three months. Re-

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upervene in instances of this sort, yet not a few may be excited by a

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occasionally patients do best on albuminoids, while, on the other hand,

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however light the case. While in the bath the skin-surface, particu-

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Treatment. — The diet should receive careful attention, and it will

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drugs, as copaiba, squills, cantharides, potassium chlorate, and car-

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(gastro-duodenal), alcoholism, gall-stones (Fitz), and traumatism. Hem-

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until all the circumstances that may influence the prognosis of anr

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intestines exists. The diarrhea which usually accompanies this

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another, to which Wunderlich has i'iven the name of the '' anibi^ruous

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the outlook is favorable. When, however, the pulse maintains an aver-

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source of atmospheric contamination, his living and sleeping apartments

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of jaundice, hematemesis, and toxic symptoms, under appropriate treat-

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Bmts from gastrostomy in a case of simple stricture operated upon by

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palpation in the pancreatic area has been noted. Evidences of hepatic

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heart frequently coincide with the predominating murmur, and it will

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* B. Farquhar Curtis : Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine, voL viiL

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position. It is of quite frequent occurrence in all densely populated

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For the chronic- gastric catarrh which is very generally associated with

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Aneurysms of the ascending arch give flatness to the right of the ster-

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General Pathology of Tubercular I^esions. — Distribution of

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but a prompt laryngotomy could prevent suffocation.

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Dlfltrlbntlou of tlie Bacilli. — The tubercle bacillus is exceedingly