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The vicinity of the celiac axis is the favorite seat of abdominal anev-
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regions. The eruption, however, is never confluent. The temperature
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tation. In older children, who object to the tube through the mouth, it
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side of the heart, are sometimes present. Gangrene may also occur.
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racteristic secondaries in cases of the former disease.
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ence the increased gravity of the disease. The additional changes that
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vessel-walls, may account in great measure for the concentration of the
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der animals immune to the disease, it is reasonable to anticipate that an
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Definition. — An abnormal increase in the amount of blood in the
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The disease is most common during the period of greatest sexual
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amined microscopically they are seen to consist of a fibrillated base, a few
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ease. As has been pointe<l out. simple acute recurrent endocarditis i*
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f'o0Mf/jfft/ft4 KUr4^jmM 'jf Ttmper^tmrt.. — After bodi the erening
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sillitis of children. Quinin, in solution with dilute sulphuric acid, is
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this may be associated with a diffuse erythematous rash, suggesting
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•arely to simple pleurisy or plastic pericarditis. The recognition of
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tices, the turpentine stupe, or hot fomentations over the hepatic area, in
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Primary alterations in the shape of the organ may be due to active
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disorder. The treatment is necessarily symptomatic ; hence our efTorts
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« also be of undoubted use. The primary indication in the local treat-
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cases of the disease may be handled properly by two persons, but I do
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as well as to serum-albumin. A few crystals may be dropped into the
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n reducing the inflammation, and should the tongue become alarm-
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Circumpolarization. — Finally, sugar may be determined by the sac-
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the dwellings are insufficiently ventilated, and there is a great lack of
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son of Budgeted and Actual Operation and the auditor’s
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springs (Bedford, Vichy, Carlsbad) is often attended with good re-
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colored, showing the absence of bile ; the urine is loaded with bile-pig-
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of the affection. The pulse varies from 110 to 130, and the tempera-
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may escape from the lowest into the subarachnoid space. In less serere
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tufts of Purkinje*8 cells. Cajal has called these the scandent or cHndh
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bility, due to the presence of ulcers in this region. Absence of tenderness,
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prevent, if possible, the occurrence of ascites. The bowels should be