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ocal symptoms and signs will usually lead to a correct conclusion, despite

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since 1961, Mr. Moffett was born in Dublin, Ga. Upon

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drocephalus. Lesions of either optic tract, if complete, causes homony-

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photophobia, palsies of the eye-muscles (strabismus), a greater tendency

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ner : The excreta should be received in a vessel that can be thoroughly

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causing dysphagia ; these are common events. The pressure may &11

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in its sixth year of operation. To those passing the

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ing pain, and is i)opularly termed a '•" stitch in the side." It may, how-

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of bed, though in most instances the disease constantly progresses.

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to corroborate the early diagnosis of pneumonokoniosis.

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18 in tachycardia, while the associated phenomena of dyspnea, precor-

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sants ; while, if it be true, as before stated, that pneumonia usually kilb

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meters of clear, citron-colored fluid, which probably represents a post-

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Oertel's method comprises three parts: (1) The reduction of the

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fected cervical glands, chiefly the submaxillary. At first the glands

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vertigo, dimness of vision, impaired strength, dyspneic attacks, gastro-

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diluted, an<l for young children partially if not wholly peptonized. The

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in consequence of the limited amount of food taken signs of inanitioB

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method and artificial cultures. One of the products of the bacillus

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A diagfllOBis is possible only after a careful and thorough physical

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a common predisposing cause of chronic pharyngitis. Repeated iciiie

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though sensation is generally unchanged. The mental condition is almost

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the fact that in the latter the quantity of urine is usually diminished,

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from the start extremely difficult of diagnosis. Here a history of the

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Prognosis. — This is favorable as regards the thrush alone, but

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the attention of the physician must be directed mainly toward a bet-

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Clinical Varieties. — (1) Of the chronic form there are certain

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* Annutil of the Uniirrml Medical Seieneegj 1892, vol. ii. p. 12.

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tactile and muscular sense are represented to a slight degree in the

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sort. The fever in these cases corresponds in severity to the dose of

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tions : jirst^ the etiology of the individual case (whether a communica-

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known as disseminated myelitis^ in which bulbar symptoms are prone

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the treatment further than that suggested for glossitis desiccan^ i*

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however, the obstruction be of long standing, the presence of the dilated