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constant over-action of the heart, and even paroxysmal tachycardia —
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method, or by constricting the limb in which the aura occurs, or by
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have reached advanced years are especially prone to aortic stenosis, for
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most persistent manifestation of the disease. Its seat is the suprapubic
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other hand, Flick and others have shown that persons who come into
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mu$ Uridulus (owing to the absence of fever, coryza, etc.) could hardly
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seasonal epidemic outbreaks ; yet it is pretty generally believed that the
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sive muscular atrophy, and syringomyelia. Pressure^ whether due to a
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one of the extremities. There may be paralysis of the third nerve, with
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attack in children, acute bronchitis is in the main to be treated in the
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chronic tuberculosis of adjacent organs. Illustrative cjises have been
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pyuria might subside or cease. The abdominal opening healed in a few
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culous, typhoid, and, rarely, actinomycotic) may also produce this affec-
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ulcers occupying the same section of the intestine. Again, when death
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tasis rarolv ocoiirs from this cause, owin^r to the natural retractilitv of
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Jly, in which the only postmortem finding is an effusion of fluid into
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a few hours, while, on the other hand, recovery may follow a slow oox-
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toms — both local and general — presented by different cases as well u
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Local si/niptoms are often entirely wanting, or, when present, consist
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IMrial gastralgia may be prevented by the timely use of quinin and arsenic.
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the nerve), the nose, the eyeball, and parts around the eye.
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(Wood). Renal epithelium and free fat-globules have also been found.
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The indications for treatment do not differ materially from those of
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per rectum if it cannot be accomplished by the mouth. In typical
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and continuous study of the clinical history and urinary manifestations as
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This is a common condition as a functional neurosis. It is due to tD
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decrease in the alkalinity of the fluid of the body, the pus (in cases of
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and the patient may complain of dryness or a burning sensation in the
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dition develops in the course of cases of prolonged and wasting dis-
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through the lymphatics. These small areas of coagulation-necrosis may
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formed mucin and occupies the center of the coiled spiral of mucin. In
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caused sometimes by contraction of the interstitial trabecular and some-
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predisposing factors. The lung-tissue is sometimes the seat of iatm
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conclusions from their location as to the site of the tumor. Paresis is