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ally in the vicinity of the trigone. The membrane is bathed in a thick,

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condemned, as it serves as a nidus for a collection of dust and dirt, inde-

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KStion occurs in the respiratory tract. The symptoms observed are

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ease (Striimpell). The aflection must be carefully diagnosed from lit

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phio form ; there are no umbilications. contains umbilicated nodules.

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and abdomen) in the form of maculae, and later becoming petechial ; and

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and thence proceeding to the symptoms presented by the stomach, spleen,

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F&tnology. — Dilatation with hypertrophy is generally secondary

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growth of the capsule-cells and of the cells covering the capillaries, and

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Tests for Albumin. — Two samples of urine, one of the morning before

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(/>) Tin' Maniijitnntnit of the Tntorvah, — Here the physician's efforts

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marked adynamia and serious danger from certain complications, such

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answer this purpose. Hydrotherapy may be employed to maintain the

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with the use of the ice-cap, are serviceable. The gastric symptoms

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acid from an over-indulgence in nitrogenous food ; (b) temporary high

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Physical signs aid but little in the diagnosis, as obstruction of the

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commonly made in malarial regions than to ascribe such cases to pal-

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cannot be induced to swallow this, and it then must be poured through a

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solotion of sodium chlorid half an hour before meals ; indeed, the con-

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crystals may deposit and adhere, such as bits of mucus, epithelial shreds,

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usual 60 to 70 physicians in attendance. Suggestions for programs should be for-

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made, and yet this symptom does not appear in 50 per cent, of all cases.

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be recommended. Such are bread made of unbolted flour, plenty of

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and require careful attention. Remedies directed to the correction of

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ent, and obstructive jaundice may supervene, though it is, compara-

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accompanied sometimes by an audible hissing sound. The pleural sac

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been able to detect a distinct friction-rub. Percussion gives evervubert

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feeding even if it does cause discomfort, and here forced feeding by