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tuWrculosis, organic disease of the heart, and the like, increases the

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ters tend to cause regurgitation on account of the damming back of

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bougie inserted along it with the right hand, thus avoiding the error

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ease or functional disturbance the formation of this ferment is whollv

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and multiplied, and a small-celled infiltration is seen around the glom-

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specially when the thoracic symptoms in the latter have been unusually

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sets of collaterals are really commissural fibers. Some of the collat-

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(g) The joints may be swollen and painful afler small-pox, the con-

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there spend the period of annual attack, and by these means escape the

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(a) The Ohill. — This may be mild, though oftener it is quite severe.

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Percussion, — Varying degrees of dulness are obtained in this stage,

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hemorrhagic diathesis develops during the period of invasion. Its onset

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left edge; this is produced below the aortic valve and in the left ret-

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{vide Treatment of Typhoid Fever) for disinfection in infectious diseases

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ant in the causation of the affection are — (1) The rheumatic diathesis

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pharynx a considerable collection of muco-pus is seen adhering to tb«

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cow-pox, were insusceptible to the contagion of small-pox, and, after ex-

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sult a doctor. An absolute diagnosis demands, besides the subjective

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the chest-wall. This retraction of the thorax is probably hastened by

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has been used for a considerable length of time, it should be temporarily

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physical growth is retarded and slow. Speech is unintelligible or nearlj

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and hepatic regions, varying with the degree of enlargement, may also

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ministered in the earlier stages of the disease. At the same time the

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protected by proper wearing apparel, and should not be exposed to the

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