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ngly swollen, deep scarification and the use of half a dozen leeches be-
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torn.' are present for years, of which the chief are drowsiness, chillineM,
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disposition is dull, irritable, and stubborn ; the lips are thick, and i
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The heart may be the seat of morbid chancres. Acute endocarditis
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it is a constant one. It is only when the lung-tissue has become im-
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such severe infectious diseases as typhus fever, small-pox, and pyemia
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Hemiplegia. — When this is complete one side of the face and the arm
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Treatment. — Absolute rest of the body in the horizontal position ii
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catarrhal process to extend downward until the finer tubes are impU-
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able, and chief among these are tremors, neuralgia, palsies, vertigo,
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possible source of infection, and the fact that the gland under these
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taken three times daily) is to be persistently employed.
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The spasmodic stage of whooping-cough has no set duration and
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dilatation of the stomach are wanting ; moreover, the physical signs are
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(«^) Renal Symptoms. — The lesions constitute the so-called ''septic
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disturbance, blows upon the head, excessive auditory stimulation, loud
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Treatment. — At the outset a purge, consisting of calomel (gr. ij^
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nuclear substances generally, and that uric-acid formation is not to be
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tween the auricles and ventricles is absent, thus re<lucing the number ff
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omewhat more rapidly progressive than in adults, and the compen-
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sprays and inhalations. The following substances may be inhaled : com-
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probably correspond to the cells found in the bone-marrow, thelat^.
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the disease. Later, in twenty-four to thirty-six hours, it may in severe
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the discoloration is not uniform over all parts of the body, but coa-
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diagnostic value, come the causes, which should therefore be diligently
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beats per minute, and provided the first sound of the heart is distinct,
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flocculent. Mucus may also be distinguished from pus by its failure to
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bility varies exceedingly, depending upon the extent of the peritoneal
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ment, but is always dangerous. More satisfactory is probably the lum-
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hif^her de;:cree. Bronchial fremitus may sometimes be felt. Percussion
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ices mitral insufficiency, (d) It may arise in the course of aortic
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occur clinically, the symptoms of which will be described under their
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to those of other forms of gastric disturbance. They vary greatly in