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increased hemolysis. The blood-destruction is so great that blood-ffen-
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strangulation stercoraceous vomiting is apt to occur, and is absent in
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\ quite generally associated with chronic pulmonary tuberculosis.
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more than a year. Here the other clinical phenomena, especially those
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first on the hard palate, so I contend we may diagnose whooping-cough
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(8) Secondary to the acute and chronic infectious diseases (pyemia,
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Artificial Nauheim baths are successfully employed in certain Ameri-
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ui increased frequency or irregularity of the pulse, show the condition
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throughout the blood-vessel system. A good exam])le is affordel ^'J
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causes. There are cases of bradycardia in which epileptiform attack occurs.
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Acute Tuberculous Peritonitis. — As in appendicitis, so in tuberculous
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be more than touched upon here : but the chief distur])ances will he
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be secured as far as possible. The sipping of hot milk may be sooth-
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be employed in small doses. When used with perseverance it is of the
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the process in its completest development. The depth to which the
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sionally seen, but large ones are of great rarity. They are prone to
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Speech Center. — The articulate speech center is located in the poste-
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and scene, regulation of the diet, the institution of a proper course of
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ronment calculated to increase tnc nervous tone of the child is to be pro-
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tivity and ''social functions," the latter particularly acting their part
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must not be forgotten, everything that gives promise of aiding the vital
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after the actual crisis.* The prognostic significance of absence of leu-
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and 18 both sustentative and symptomatic. As ([uiet a life as possible
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teritis in children, when it may be acid (Von Jaksch).
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cells, and some giant cells. Other morbid processes in the adrenals that
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most commonly in hysteria, or as a part of some general convulsive
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red appearance to the whole skin. Frequently, however, the rash con-
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that simply exert pressure and enlarge very slowly may not produw
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intensity at the apex (see Fig. 52). Unquestionably, this marmur i*
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degree of reflection, and multiplying the number read by the factor of
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honatemesis, together with the longer duration of ulcer (more than two
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and spongy gums may be relieved by the application of equal parU <i
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Fkcwnce of pathogenic organisms^ (strep- Presence of the Diplococcus pneumonia,
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