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stances chronic bronchitis gradually develops after long exposure to the

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ism, previous ill-health, and debility. On the other hand, the death-rate

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with a one-twelfth oil-immersion lens, a rapid clumping of the bacilli in the

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and similar nuclear food), should be prohibited, owing to the ready for-

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From the time of its occurrence, the quality, and strict localization of

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longed, bile is vomited as in ordinary bilious attacks. When the attack

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clo.seness of the ribs. The upper part of the chest is very narrow ac'l

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naciation and general weakness or suppuration, such as ulcerative carci-

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withdrawing the cotton plug from the culture-tube, insert it into the latter, and rub that portion

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The Retina. — Hemorrhage into the retina may be venous or arterial,

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on the other side of the median line. The palpebral reflex will occur

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examining the viscus and gastric juice by modern methods. The fol-

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times improved, l)y relieving the chronic bronchitis. The iodids |po-

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found other microbes, especially streptococci and staphylococci. These

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of the subclavian vein at the point at which the thoracic duct enters.

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than the median. The pain is most apt to be distributed along the whole

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gestion of the lungs exists as an dissociated condition in many pulmonarr

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However clear the eff'usion may be, it always contains corpuscular ele-

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The third and most unfair part of this indicates the government’s prejudice

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Edema of the brain, either local or general, may be the cause of grave

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cessfully performed. The mortality ranges from 50 to 60 per cent. In

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terminate the case. Granular kidney alone may have been simulated by

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tremities usually escape, though they too may be involved, when the

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teric infection : (1) acute dyspeptic diarrhea, and (2) cholera infantum.

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cence and with advancing years (in the latter case). The persistence

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more frequently girdling the bowel ; (6) the edges and base are infil-

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secondary contraction in perihepatitis, {c) Ibrombosis of the portal vein.

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all the bismuth tests, of forming a black precipitate with the sulphur

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(c) Oancerous Peritonitis. — Quite often in connection with cancerous

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it) always date from birth, though the condition may not be recognized