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of the auricle comes on early, and in the later stages it may be extreme,
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sclerosis, with their varied and often serious consequences, are fre-
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above prescription. For the treatment of the more serious evidences
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Symptoms. — Generally the patient is seized without any warning,
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ition of the left ventricle, as in aortic incompetency, aortic stenosis,
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During this period iron is to be employed until the blood-examination
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tuberculous ulcer : " (a) It is irregular, rarely ovoid or in the long axis,
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occur in typhoid. Blood-examinationB have occasionally shown the
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crease in the normal fat, particularly in the anriculo-yentricalar far-
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position of the latter into irritating ammonium carbonate. The vomiting
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rectal injections daily of cold water, has been found effective. It may
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the naso-pharynx, and asafetida, occasionally used for the paroxysms.
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predispose to subsequent ones. The epidemics spread along lines of
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meteoric distention is not great I have also made repeated trial of the
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lactic, and butyric acids, and the ptomains) are the immediate caiue> <i
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little is known. Brissaud^ found in 25 cases of various chronic disinsei
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Lithium citrate or carbonate in 5-grain (0.324) doses in tablet form,
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of crusts, dust, dried blood, etc. should be removed from the nose twice
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The differential diagnosis has in many instances been tabulated — an
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condition few or no red corpuscles are present, and the few that may be
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Inyaaion then is abrupt with a slight chill ; fever follows, the tempera-
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('/) Cerebro-spinal meningitis may manifest features that are almost
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gr. V — 0.324 — every four hours); {c) the more serviceable local measures
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The instances of direct transmission that have been traced definitely
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(6) Those presenting fever of an irregular type, together with dead
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edies, as iron, cod-liver oil, arsenic, and mercuric chlorid, the latter two
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The Blood. — The normal proportion of sugar in the blood (0.15 per
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bwmts into the stomach ; occasionally, too, a thoracic aneurysm opens into
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a sudden rise and fall, with absence or delay of tlie secondary wave
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(a) Jaundice. — Discoloration of the skin and tissues is often by no
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tissue, and dilated tufts of capillaries with surrounding cellular hyper-
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