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of invasion. If the constitution has been previously undermined, as is

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Very rarelj a primary affection. No Always idiopathic, with a prodromal

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not occur, but the slightest abrasion or cut, bed-sore, etc. may serve

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coune. On the other hand, the pulmonary condition seems to be favor-


18 well as in the liver, kidney, and lungs, one may find the spores in

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first day, and sometimes as late as the third (central pneumonia); in the

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mucous membrane, the acid gastric juices subsequently digesting the

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after birth, and less rare in those past middle life. It is more frequent in

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and continued over a long time. The onset is generally slow, being

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of the two sides early, or when there is a moderate amount of fluid. At

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previously described. Hence there must be not a small proportion of mild

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often surgical measures only are of use. These embrace puncture and

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the chief seat of the disease is in the large intestine, we may allow

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features. Usually the symptoms and local signs of chronic mv^K-aniitL*

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was first clearly demonstrated by Villemin's beautiful inoculation-

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also now occur. In this stage the tongue becomes dry, brown, or even

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(11) Prior Attacks. — One attack undoubtedly leaves the system more

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these circumstances in the intervals (usually corresponding to the period ii

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form, and it is sometimes primary, though more often secondary to pul-

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senc-e of a palpable thrill), the percussion-dulness is increased, esjieciail;

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vaded secondarily to actinomycotic disease elsewhere, especially in the

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quently hypertrophies. The thoracic muscles are usaally implicated;

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Prosfliosis. — This depends upon the primary cause. Chronic con-

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days after the birth of her child, and the child lived twenty-four hours.

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there are years in the child's life. When medicine can be exhibited in the

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culous infection of the pleura. The tuberculous process may invade

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infallible remedy in quinin. ** When shall its use be commenced? " is

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practical use, owing largely to difficulty in -administration. This oat-

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followed by discharges from the bowel, which at first number from

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» low typhoid state may be present. The duration is about one week

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The effect of the bath is best shown by the rectal temperature,