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tory tract, more favorable to tubercular infection. Dock and Chad-


rest cure at home, but found it necessary to go to a private sanatorium. She was

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itself naturally adapted to weight-bearing. The tvpe of end-bear-

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which, if full antiseptic precautions be taken, must be rare indeed. I

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nor produces indol. The organism never forms spores. Moreover, the

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The utilization of these compensatory powers enables us, as will be

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should be applied, preceded if possible by a dry pack or hot-air bath.

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objections is evident from my observations. Among seventy-eight

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use of piperazine in gout. I am sure of one thing: it is of

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highest encomium of Brand's method. On page 15 he says: "The

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cyanic acid. The sweet almond is a toothsome nut, but in-

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lluit We ai'c all In cat the la>r licaii and pea nii niir phitcs.

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but upon microscopic examination the muscular cell-fibers of the organ

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his urine. I asked him what he had been doing for himself.

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overcome at once by the use of a mild antiseptic wash ; all accumulations

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one of our northwestern States; and if so, he probably had

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istic features a positive diagnosis is a simple problem. But at any period

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is causing us to be more and more the subjects of unfavorable

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chiefly in the large bowel ; and this secondary croupous-diphtheritic pro-

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identical with those in other acute infectious diseases, and concern (1)

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be present, than upon the degree and extent of the ulcers. When,

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jiiece of machinery ruined liy the introduction of a few germs

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Just as the last notes died away, — " Who will care for

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ing the separate subjects, or the arrangement of the material under the

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ondary, the latter being very common and a secondary infection to

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ditions of the intestinal tract, particularly if the latter be caused by

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batiis and affusions. Affusions every two hours, alternating with baths every

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quarter of an hour, and then he is dried and his clothing is replaced.

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and water at brief intervals, cocain, or by lavage. In this stage reme-

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and is used medicinally where an astringent is needed.

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monia, 12 severe throat affections, 12 perforations, 3 intestinal hemor-

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neous surfaces are moderately cooled, the neighboring structures