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Tsm, the temperature becomes subnormal (about 97° F. ; Sfi** C). The

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thrice daily, believing that more good arises when such drugs are given

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oozes gradually into the stomach and mingles with the gastric juice, aoJ

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several days, and most significant, yet not distinctive, are headache,

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The bowels mnst also be moved regularly with a view to obviating the

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sentences or syllables. The labored breathing is shown particularly in

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are often readily diagnosed as subjects of contracted kidney when a fur-

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lous pleurisy have their origin in a circumscribed and more or less

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diridaal cases. Obviously, the question of the removal of foreign

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by an embolus (from decomposing masses of blood) at some point in the

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mendation. Seta-naphtol, thymol, guaiacol, and salol are used for this

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to take deep inspirations several times in succession, not less than a

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ments of the spinal cord were suspended in a dry atmosphere they lost

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have been observed in very recent times here have been properly attrib-

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rmcteristic of that valvular lesion, are the necessary result. The blood-

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In rare instances septic emboli give rise to abscesses that are usually

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mentioned amyloid kidney may be diagnosticated with reasonable cer-

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are poorly developed and puny, the complexion is, as a rule, muddy or

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Treatment. — This is entirely symptomatic, and in severe cases is

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This is a consequence of a simple or follicular catarrh of the guUel

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acute infectious diseases of intense type, all of which may protlucf

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overstretching, the contractile energy of the lungs is in great part

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fuse sweats and considerable physical prostration. The chief physicd

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have observed cases in which the evidence of a certain degree of ob-

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with children, in whom the reaction after a cold bath is often delayed

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are about as in the acute form, save that the reaction is always alkaline