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The symptoms of movable kidney are local, reflex, and general, the
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is a distinct systolic shock over the ensiform cartilage, and also a pul-
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does not follow immediately, however, the signs of collapse (more or
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ing to tho cxtriMiiitii'M and hc»ad; but there is no direct correspondence
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Quite recently Pfeiffer and KoUe have shown the presence of a bac-
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healed focus or near old cavities with limiting walls, and when situated
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states that at this time the residue should not exceed 20 to 40 c.c. This
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that lobar pneumonia terminates only in resolution or in death, and
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There is a more severe type of chorea in which the movements are so
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lodily weight and strength. In annular constrictions of a malignant
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It is caused chiefly by tabes, by hemorrhoids, and by the neurotic state
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and convulsions, seldom lasting more than a few days. Chronic uremia,
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cancer-tissue in masses accidentally detached gives reliable indication
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ally grows worse and may end in complete a])honia. If situated in the
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■ote even to dulness. The " cracked-pot sound " is audible when the
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through the lymph- channels. Compared with infection from within,
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it may move from the usual position in cases that arc allowed to dra^
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are sudden and violent exercise, the jarring and jolting of riding and
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the smegma bacillus. It occurs in rod-shaped or curved forms with
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ated in the upper portion. Obstruction of the pulmonary orifice or of
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go further development before becoming truly pathogenic. While soils
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Pathology. — True asthma is a neuropathic disease. In a majority
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geneous, anemic, or '' bacon-like *' surface presents itself, particularly in
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relation to the central long axis of the body as do aneurysms. The
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The pleura is thickened as a rule, often to a marked degree, and its
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rexia usually heralds a fatal termination, the temperature mounting to
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etiology. — Assuming that a specific unknown cause (ferment!)
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In h/pho8coIio»is tepid baths are indicated. The heart-oondition de-
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.324-0.648) fifteen or twenty minutes after meals. Malt diastase, com-
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direct inoculation. It is characterized by slight fever, spasm of the
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Pain is griping, and is then followed by Pain is colicky, more severe, and is not
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first week, and a little later the discharges become less frequent and the
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solution (Gleason). These applications should be made two or three
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idiosyncrasies are met with, it may generally be given in from 1&- to 80-
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coats. Polypoid cysts may develop in long-standing cases.