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nervous symptoms. Suppression of urine, followed by uremic symp-

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thickened and contracted. The small rounded bodies that are normally

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lish, German, and Russian observers. It would seem, therefore, as

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The chief pathologic change is an acute fatty degeneration of the inter-

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and diarrhea occur frequently, the former being the result of obstruction

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taken and of liquid vomited are proportional. During the night or

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temperatures below 65° F. (18.3° C), while very high temperatures

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in which there is a visible membrane in the throat if the culture is

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eruption ; 2. Fever absent, the symptoms mild, with eruption ; 3. The

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desis of corpuscles due to the altered blood-pressure and to a diminished

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and 8 P. m. If the nutrient enemata must be discontinued for a time, the

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ment. From the second day the so-called initial rashes may appear:

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most cases occurring during middle life, though they are by no means rare

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is not rotated, but that the normal relative position of the apex and base

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and rid tlie oral cavity of lurking germs. Careful attention to the teeth

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n'ica, is sorted, and to produce the typical affection the infection

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and usually extends over a larger superficial area or is less circumscribed

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in the tympanic cavity, making its exit by perforating the membrane.

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proportion of cases. Wheeler has operated successfully in one instance

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and crystals of bilirubin may be found. The common duct is patulous

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tare, the former being stimulating,^ and the latter sedative, in effect. It

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tween the second and fourth weeks of the disease. In the cases ana-

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throcytes; therefore, the percentage of hemoglobin is nearly alwin