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ments. On the following day the patient was in intolerable pain,
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themata ; but, on examination, ^^ the detailed histories of the
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author, and as they are only to be had in this collection will be found of great value to
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the carbonate or nitrate for the sulphuric acid and zinc. — Lancet, January 16,
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nitric acid on the organic matters present, may produce a brick red preci-
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Annual Report of the Inspectors of the Mount Pleasant State Prison (^Sing
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varies inversely with the population of your home town.
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heat and sweating, but in the former disease this paroxysm more frequently
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peculiarly vulnerable to the disease, notably negroes
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which he operated; 62 of which number are reported as improved, or ver)' much
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the residuum obtained with nitric acid in boiling water. The gas gives
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a hygienic and forensic point of view. By P. A. SoHLBisiniB, M.D.,
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bellows-sound is proportionally weak. In the first of these cases the quantity of
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32. Mechanism of Purulent Absorption. — M. Velpeau maintains that the depo-
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surgeon superintendent in voyages with coolies from Calcutta
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the ligature, the blood runs in a continual jet, waving, and without jerk {saccade).
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recovered. After the birth of the cliild the tumour regained its former size, so
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is reported under the head of "re»2^7tol^" Believing them to arise from
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the size of the abdomen was not sensibly lessened. About twenty-
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when the patient walks on the sole of the foot^ but cannot raise the
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in almost all the grades of intemperance; — as, for instance, sleeplessness, con-
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remain eight days. A month afterwards consolidation was completed. Expe-
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angiectasis, or dilatation of vessels, is at times very great ; and
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tion. That this operation, or some one closely analogous to it, will be admited
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Art. VIII. — On the Yellow Fever at Key West, East Florida. By C. C.
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On Orfila, however, the full measure of condemnation is heaped. He should not have
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bouring arteries, so that the circulation in it is identical with that
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Various stimuli may be employed, as an opening induction-
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he is perfecfly insensible to ordinary sounds, but still when shaken and
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This transformation forcibly reminds one of the well-known story of the three
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thews Duncan, A.M., M.D., &c.. Physician for Diseases of
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