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only involved the recognition of colors, not of form. In all these cases
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(3) Neuritis. — The optic nerve derives its blood-supply from the an-
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early period. The affected lung-tissue is freijuentlv coal-black, dense, ai
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cipitate micturition. Spastic paraplegia (spasm plus motor paralysis) i>
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Since the study of the motor centers and tracts has been pursued
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>ronchi has been noted. The cancerous ulcer may also perforate the
caped blood-clots may occupy the pleural cavity. Histologic examina-
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who suffer at 6 per cent, of hospital cases, but this is, undoubtedly, too
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vein and hepatic artery, though syphilitic endarteritis is situated chiefly
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A CARDIAC aneurysm may, in the first place, involve the wholt
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vres are not to be thought of, and the physician must rely upon aspira-
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diabetic coma. Chronic uremia must not be confounded with the asthenic
bj ancient authors. For like reasons we may see the exudate arranged
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rare. Progressive loss of flesh and strength, with gastro-intestinal dis-
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chronic ulcerative phthisis. The pleural membranes are only more or
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He is to remain in bed, is to be well covered, and external heat applied
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nation may occur in a few months, but usually death ensues after the
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On palpation the organ can be distinctly felt projecting below the
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puncta vasculosa to be increased. It often leaves no trace postmortem.
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for a time, exclusively rectal ; this is quite practicable if the pTop«T
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formation is identical with that observed in tuberculous broncho-pneu-
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Allusion mav hert* he made to CoUes's law — that a woman who bears
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which varies with a change in the position of the patient — a sign that
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temperature shows a deeper remission on each successive day, while the
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the viscera, mucous membranes, and extremities until it is aniTemL
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chains of glands — axillary, mediastinal, scapular, and pectoral — especi-