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ing the object, and the patient looks at this (is made to ' fix ' it) only
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the fecal matter, must be carried forward assiduously. Saline laxatives
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are ascribed to congestive collapse and other conditions, rather than to the
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It is interesting^ to note that in rare instances cerebral abscess is an
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necessary. For the fetid breath solutions of boric acid or pota8«iaii
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rated. The latter are greenish-gray or greenish-yellow in color, and
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sunken and deformed nose. The thickened, ^' sabre-shaped *' tibia, dne
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light solids in a gradual manner ; for example, white meat of chicken or
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meant small-pox occurring in individuals who have been protected by a
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the larger arteries is a rare complication. Cerebral embolism, causing
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(f) Cicatricial strictures cause chronic intestinal obstruction, as after
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the bacilli may attack first the upper respiratory passages, producing
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easily digestible, but leaving a moderate residue after digestion, are to
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of cases of pseudo-tuberculosis have been recently reported. In several
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I have seen controlled by cool baths and the ice-cap, together with cam-
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mcnts, great debility, anemia, emaciation, steadily increasing and con-
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In valvular disease (particularly aortic), owing probably to eoronirr
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dusl rfiles communicated to the air in the pleural chamber. The
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der the diagnosis of tuberculous peritonitis almost certain. In obscure
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the organ whitish, lymphomatous growths or nodules from the size of a
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3. That chronic poliomyelitis exists has been proved by Oppenheim
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In man there is s, paralytic form of rabies, but it is rare as compared
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vantage. In twenty-four hours this may be discontinued, and potassium
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progressive enlargement. In a few instances tnily diagnostic symptoms
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affected, the lumen of the latter being lessened ; this decreases the blood-
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are occasioned by splenic and hepatic enlargements, solid new-growths,
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(the probable orthographic center), will be attended by disturbances in
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degree of reflection, and multiplying the number read by the factor of
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therefore favors a spread of the disease, and atmospheric humidity also
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Clinical History. — The duration of incubation depends upon
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(5) It must not be forgotten that very frequently broncho-pneumonii
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2 ounces f64.0) of bread and 2 ounces (64.0) of milk.
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are feebly developed or wholly absent. The area of lung-tissue impli-
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marked in acute inflammations and in infectious febrile diseases acoooh
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the system, since it directly invigorates the heart-muscles.
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especially when combined with strychnin nitrate or with caffein citrate.
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various noxious influences. When the patient cannot make a suitable
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ing on awakening from a sound sleep. Positive eviclence of the affection
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neuritis, however, the paralysis is either unilateral or bilateral, and in the
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ring agents. Tiraboschi records a case that had long been induced
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solution of salicylic acid. Subseiiuently warm water alone may he em-
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well-recognized diseases, especially typhoid fever. The lesions of typhoid
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emphysema. Destruction of lung-tissue also results from interstitial
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tism ; (6) cirrhosis ; {c) carcinoma of the liver, involving the portal area ;