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erally gives a pure tympanitic note, though if the tension be very strong,

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CervicO'brachial neuralgia occurs in the distribution of the four lower

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diffuse, or may be found only in scattered localized areas, and are often

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sels seems to be past. Headache, vertigo, and the so-called renal asth-

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chronicity and intensity of the congestion. Urates may be deposited

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circumscribed in consequence of adhesions between the pleural mem-

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employed in the management of the case should be attempted. The

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contract his abdominal muscles as in the act of having a stool : in this

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The center of the field is chiefly affected, and a central scotoma for red

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ease. Fortunately, internal antipyretics for the purpose of combating

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these may present an appearance similar to lyraphomata or may undergo

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unulcerated mucosa, which often presents a slate-gray or blackish color.

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of vision is a sequel. The sheath of the nerve is supplied by the blood-

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rule, attain a very large size, though sarcomata may grow (|uite large.

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Pathology. — In the truly primary form there are no morbid lesions

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lesion. It begins in the form of small nodular vegetations upon the


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The differential diagnosis between pneumonia and broncho-pneumonia

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downward toward the iliac fossa, pointing in the groin near Poupart's

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{d) Peritonitis may be due to a direct extension of inflammation from

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muscles present a brownish color-tint. The pia mater is generally con-

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centage of albumin may be approximately ascertained by noting the

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stellate veins. It has a doughy consistence. On section a homo-

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retain the apex-beat in contact with the chest-wall, despite the presence uf

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General Ssrmptoms. — The skin of the face is usually pale in uremic

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aching pain only may be felt, or, as is not infrequently the case, the

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increased liability to exposure, and particularly while following certain

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subjects of vesical irritability are individuals of a neurotic temperament,

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and opium, or large doses of bismuth with or without Dover's powder,

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simple ulcer of the colon perforated and led to fatal peritonitis " (Osier).

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leeondarily to the rheumatic dyscrasia without the slightest evidence of

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use the instrument. Counter- irritation along the spine is of very liitk

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slire(ls of gangrenous tissue (Starr). Finally, the course of ulceratirr

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great diminution in the size of the liver, the area of dulness in a case

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disease is considered. Aortic stenosis generates a systolic murmur, bnt

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duce excellent results, and it is advisable in cases in which the syphilids

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Physiological leukocytosis occurs in infants during the first few dan

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In the cases of slow onset he may feel indisposed for some hours before,

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and on making a longitudinal section drops of bile can be collected on

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of the case. The head and face are bathed at once from a basin, and a

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complaint may be aggravated by the hyperacidity of t^e urine and the