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TnKSE result from two leading causes: (1) Arrested developmenu and

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nerpes labialis. Defervescence may be attended with critical sweats,

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Etiology. — Cases of acute cystitis may be grouped according to

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Historic Note. — Yellow fever is endemic only within certain geo-

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ing of the right auricular wall, which also becomes hypertrophie«l in

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injected eyes and contracted pupils. At last the end is reached quickly,

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friction-sounds may be audible in the umbilical region. Tympanites, dae

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The prognosis is very gloomy. Very rarely, however, nature effect?

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sensation and loss of power. Herpes occasionally develops along the

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otion over the inflamed surface. In a few it was injected beneath the

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must be changed from the dorsal to the lateral, and even ventral, and u

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the two. The distinction from the pathogenic bacillus can only be made

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tains accumulations of the ingesta. The latter, together with consider-

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soluble by means of some saline (Hunyadi, etc.), or by the fluid extract

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From six weeks to three months are necessary to effect a cure.

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lesions : it cannot, however, be recognized positively by physical siirns.

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use of carbolized vaselin. When the crusts have formed, especially on

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nourishment, by supporting the patient*s power, is of the greatest service.

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vasion. There may be slight diarrhea — two to four liquid stools daily

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the resultant white, curdy precipitate of argentic chlorid a rough esti-

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flexus. These disturbances may be ataxia, tremor, spasms, or paralysis,

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inhibitory disturbances of the intestinal nerve-supply), acute fevers,

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alkaline carbonates, or spirits of ammonia, and some carminative.

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aneurysm. The. injection of chemical substances, as the tincture of the

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found the streptococcus, and Lang a peculiar bacillus. Singer has no-

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use we may also employ cocain in the form of a suppository, or a small

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1010-1014, and is usually c^ar. It is 1018-1054. It is of a thick, turbid

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Physical examinatio7i is only partially confirmatory of the rational

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often avails much in relieving this affection, and foods calculated to be

can i use zicam nasal spray while pregnant

Symptoms. — Enteralgia may develop very suddenly, but oftener it