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Vomicae piay be classified as (1) progressive and (2) non-progressive.

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Extradural tumort may be, tliimgh rarely, exostoses from tlif pen-

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tlieir duration : in my own experience they have varied from two !•>

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which large cutaneous ecchymoses suddenly develop, is almost invariably

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however, adhesions bind the stomach firmly to the under surface of the

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may then be demanded by tbe general condition of the patient, and

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mortem examination in the bronchi and lungs of persons who died of

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di«cliar;r<f nuiy develop {colliquative diarrhea). The intestinal lesions are

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for secondary pleural infection. Moreover, the fact that many cases of

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second sound, due to the increased tension in the pulmonary vessels that

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one hand, and, owing to the inability of the segments to effect perfect

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Tapping the ventricles is occasionally followed by temporary improve-

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plains of feeling tired, and is less capable of exertion than formerly.

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actual cautery. Applications of silver nitrate (gr. x to the ounce — 0.648

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kegin very promptly ; but if elastic fibers and tubercle bacilli be found,

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Definition and Pathology* — A suppurative inflammation of the

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present by re-examinations at intervals. There are not a few cases in

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ca?*eous masses of a yellowish-white color may be visible. These often

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tained, as a rule ; but the history of an affection having etiologic im-

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according to their special source. If they come from the alveoli, there

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Definition. — An acute contagious disease, characterized by an initial

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being, therefore, distinctly audible in the vessels of the neck and along

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to make the diagnosis positive ; the projecting tumor is visible^ and the

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cal needs of the people in this country over a period of many, many decades, has

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3. Intrathoracic tumors, which by their mechanical action cause an

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may in some cases be preceaed by singultus lasting ten or twenty days