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mceolatus and the streptococcus, the former especially in the pleurisy

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^ J. C. Wilson's Atnerican Text-book of Applied Therapeviicg^ p. 791.

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endings in tactile cells, tactile corpuscles, or end-bulbs. The centripetal

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to be noted especially insomnia, neuralgia, migraine, melancholia, mania,

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Symptoms. — Movable kidney may exist without any symptoms

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the complaint are the same as in certain chronic valvular lesions.

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f little value. A soft, bland diet, preferably of milk, may be borne in

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cyanosis, fever, and contracted arteries, and the intervening periods of

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bility varies exceedingly, depending upon the extent of the peritoneal

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ter, having a small vesicular nucleus and much protoplasm. They are

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stretching resulting from fractures or dislocation. (4) Microbic ui

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tages as may be met in Colorado, New Mexico, and the Adirondack^,

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citis the same rules may be followed as in the case of acute infectious

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our command can accomplish this object, and yet it is our duty to

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thus the general course of the disease is characterized by irregularity.

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through the mother. Various other neuroses are common in families

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to errors in diet or to the use of irritating medicaments, but that vomit-

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The effusion may rarely remain as a permanent condition, though not

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umns in cases of a unilateral lesion in the motor cortex.

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pel the foo<l from the stomach into the duodenum, thus leading gradnallT

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by convulsions, may prove fatal. From the fact that the general symp-

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otherwise well borne. Should the stomach reject all food, rectal ahnwD-

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ably complained of in meningitis, but is occipital, and is associated with

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ease, cachexia develops ; when pronounced, it is almost pathognomonic

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We are more familiar with the ordinarv fainting-attack. When cerebral

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ucts (fibrin, epithelium, pus), while the highly-irritating and patrid