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localized, and in which unconsciousness may or may not occur, is called

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observed, either during the height or decline of the affection, but as a

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opened, causing peritonitis, or a fistulous communication may be estab-

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tion, though the physician may, notwithstanding, be called on account

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is unquestionably the laryngeal. In laryngeal diphtheria the mortality may

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seldom involved alone. Lesions cause difficulty in rising from the sit-

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for some time after all rheumatic symptoms have disappeared (two to «ix

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of coexisting renal albuminuria should be aroused (Striimpell).

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patient soon becomes profoundly prostrated or experiences a feeling of

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mttempt is made to treat it. It may be attributable to catarrhal irritation

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able than in the atrophic form if the disease be recognized in its early

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convalescent. The best means of prevention, however, is vaccination,

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Pathology and Etiology. — This is an intense form of acme gv-

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latter often presage a fresh hemorrhage. There is mo<lerate fever, a* a

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freiiuently caused by the acquired form, particularly syphilis of the

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prevent much trouble and danger later on. The attendant should use

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arsenic, beginning with tlliv (0.266) t. i. d. of Fowler's solution, must

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^'>l>ions and vomiting at the outset. Here the history with reference

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Solitary Ulcers. — " Two instances of ulcer of the cecum, both with