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ally on the face when the skin has been unprotected. On the hands and

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water of a house in which 13 cases of cholera occurred.

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termination, or may entirely absent itself either temporarily or per-

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tion of cases (10-15 per cent), and of these the petechiae outlast the

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immediate cause of death. The appearance of a pear-shaped swelling

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Traube's theory of the cause of uremia, particularly of the nervous or

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\^ mistaken, as has been supposed, for acute catarrhal laryngitis. The

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changed. When the decubitus is supine the flanks and the lower por-

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certain eye-symptoms. The reflexes are generally exaggerated, and

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stimulants, together with a nourishing diet, are invariably required. I

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all irritating, highly seasoned articles of Hod must be intenlirtni

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Eowth of neurogliar tissue. 5. There is sclerosis of the anterior and

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The post-mortem table does not give us much information as to the

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sterno-clavicular articulations. L nder these circumstances the patient

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rmcteristic of that valvular lesion, are the necessary result. The blood-

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be necessary to adapt it to the peculiarities of the individual case, h

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but albuminuria does not occur, except as a complication.

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There are typhoid subjects who cannot (on account of vomiting, etc.)

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been absorbed. Nothing abnornal may be noticed for a few days or

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The course of the disease throughout the more advanced stages is

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rated into two layers — an upper, clear, greenish-yellow serous, and a

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ness, though slight exertion may also engender free perspiration.