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type if we would institute proper treatment. In chronic pericarditis
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other viscera, together with the duration of the growth and the absence
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brief febrile attacks which recur periodically, melanemia, and a tend-
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in quantity. Pulsation in the large arteries is abnormally visible, and
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The physical signs are not prominent. Ihe abdomen is often slightly
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formation of a spore in that locality, thus giving the organism an ap-
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foration may, however, be in the rectum, when periproctitis is the result ;
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actinomycosis, concludes that pulmonary actinomycosis may terminate
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ally thickened through cellular infiltration, and in a small proportion of
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quently hypertrophies. The thoracic muscles are usaally implicated;
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sents itself under two heads: (a) the paroxysms, and (b) the manner
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blood being acted upon by the gastric secretions, and producing the
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removed, if this be possible. All exciting factors must also be avoided. The
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pleura tubercles or cheesy may be found. Simple and olW
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to be placed upon the results of a physical examination, which even in
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helow the umbilicus after filling the stomach, and other signs so signifi-
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been remarkable, districts protected in this manner becoming almost
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and often emaciated, and enlargement of the spleen is the most strik-
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Cold compresses and the ice-bag to the joints have been strongly ad-
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side of the chest would naturally be followed by inspiratory retraction
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(1) Local Tubercnlons Adenitis. — {a) Cervical. — This is the most fre-
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cuneus. The left cerebral is more often involved than the right. In
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ter, having a small vesicular nucleus and much protoplasm. They are
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difficult on account of the obscure clinical symptoms and the entire ab-