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of the disease has been arrested an intermission in this treatment for

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reappearance of the crepitant rfile, due to interplay of the pleural sur-

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becomes more apparent on deep respiration than on quiet breathing, and

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is noticeable a feeble systolic venous pulse, due to the weaker contrac-

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<>perations, oi* owing to the extension of inflammation along the duct

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itoas infiltration), and besides the degeneration of the lieart, kidneys,

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tercept and temper the bleak winds of winter, while by their shade and

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sibly worse during an attack ; it may be entirely absent between the

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ing and the heart beats faintly ; the voice is lost ; respirations are per-

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A renal intermittent fever, simulating malarial paroxysms, may occur

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and find its way even down to the clavicle. The herpetic or ulcero-mem-

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epitrochlea ; also near the wrist and at the bend of the elbow over the

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from one another and from spasmodic wry-neck. If the rigidity comes

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Diagnosis. — A leading point in the differentiation of this affection

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is this the case in children. It is readily seen from this fact why the

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Prog^nosis. — In broncho-pneumonia the severity and gravity of the

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congestion or edema), contractures, aphasia, pruritus, paresthesiae, and

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A few cases of recovery have been reported, however, in some of which

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blood from the left auricle into the left ventricle, thus causing pulm"

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contracted kidney are the following : pneumonia, either lobar or loba-

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Delirium is frequent in the severer cases. It is, however, not an

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fiom the above explanation relative to the mechanical effects of large