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cutaneous tissue and from the mucous membranes (gastro-intestiniL

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uric-acid gravel (the commonest variety), the patient should live a reg-

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Mitient should wear flannels next to the skin in all seasons.

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Island) it occurs endemically, and among new-born children it may pre-

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ShfijtJe pneumothorax is, however, of rare occurrence. The air that

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in this commnn event the first symptom that directs attention to the dis-

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ent upon dislocation of the heart or upon accompanying hydro thorax

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Argyll-Robinson pupil, and the absence of fever lead one to suspect the

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Exposure and sexual excess are possible factors ; likewise traumatism.

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renal colic is most important. First to be considered are the hygienic

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due to a tumor, an aneurysm, or to callus. Sleep-paUy and crutch-palmf

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ularities. It is probable that it is sometimes produced by an auto-

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attacks may precede the affection, or it may develop subacutely and almosi

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the vesical, rectal, and trophic symptoms, and often from the presence of

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IHognosis. — In the presence of the following group of features the

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with compound iodin solution (LugoFs) the color changes to that of a

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and on rising after a full nights sleep. At the end of one, two, or

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wall. " Stn>uj:er solutions may now be employed, as silver nitrate, 20-

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agent. It has also been described as following periphenil neuritis,

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f this fact, almost invariably becomes hypertrophied in cases of extensive

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it. Lawrence, where the ''disease is limited to two or three counties

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di«cliar;r<f nuiy develop {colliquative diarrhea). The intestinal lesions are

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was blocked by a portion of the fibrous clot of an aneurysm of the

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