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The prognosis is mainly dependent upon the associated lesions and

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Perforation^ which almost invariably produces fatal diffuse peritonitis,

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in which, on macroscopic examination, remnants of food and grayish

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the stage of .suppuration a supportive djet, reinforced by the judicious use

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rarely be present. The points of difference between carcinoma of ^^

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may infer the existence of esophageal implication, though there be no

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brain (apoj)lexy) or in the lun;x (pulmonary apoplexy), and heniorrbairi-

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constipation number legion. From the little aperient pill or '* peristaltic

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Predisposing Oauses. — The influence of insanitary surroundings

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out of a total of 1236 cases 726 occurred on the left side and 510 on

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in size and the degree of fever being proportional, and the liver is hyper-

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lowed by an enema. An overloaded stomach calls for an emetic, and

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inhaled may find lodgement in the mouth, pharynx, etc., and then be

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flourishes. Granulations also form a favorable soil. The diphtheritic

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odors, and vary greatly in number and quantity. There is com-

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grip-like character, aff^ting the entire chest and rendering the bodv mo-

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on one side of the neck, and at times the throat, are implicated. The

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conservative powers of the heart. Oertel, with a view to assisting the


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The iulgurant pains, or those of the various crises, are occasionally so

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directly at least, to malnutrition. When nourishment is exhibited in a

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tion, and fever which terminates by crisis. Secondary septic complica-

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defervescence occurs on the fifth or seventh day, and resolution is com-

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nephritis or to urinary calculi in the renal tubules. The direct cause of

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disease. Trauma and heredity play but a minor part.

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bility that they may set up initiatory lesions either in the tonsils or

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coronary artery or from acute dilatation. Failure of compensation.

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They exhibit cloudy swelling and decided coagulation-necrosis. Desqua-

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pressure by tumors. From the latter the condition is very difficult to

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fully practiced by Brand of Stettin. There are obstacles in the way of

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sions were decidedly greater and the evening exacerbations less marked.

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tile fremitus may sometimes be obtained when bands of adhesion, which

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Ziemssen assert that this cord is the pancreas, rendered palpable by tbe

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practically normal. Though the course is prolonged, the joints usually