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lace of a community sporadic cases constantly occur, although persons

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to middle-ear disease— operation may seem justifiable. When in doubt

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shoulder, and accompanied often by profuse sweating, vomiting, and a

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valuable discriminating sign is the effect of compression by the hand

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Hemorrhages from the various mucous surfaces and into the retina are

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each corner by an attendant (and, if seriously ill, with the least pos-

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than in the previous form, and often is heroic. Especially must quinin

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ered blood-pressure in the vessels of the liver favoring resorption of bile,

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finally the trunk and the serous sacs are involved. By stimulation the

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etiology. — The influence of sex and age has been mentioned ; a

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catarrhal affections, especially of the respiratory organs. The latter

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lous eruption. This is, as a rule, neither so intense nor so uniformly dis-

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affected parts receive a deposit of pigment which specially follows the

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trouble, incoordination results and secondary ataxia is met with.

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the spine), and {c) neoplasmata (including various tumors, gummata, and

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have employed quite extensively, and with uniformly good results, is

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Surrounding the granulomatous masses is a layer of connective tissue.

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allows the lower centers free play. They also tend to undergo shorten-

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some trophic disturbance due either to the arthritis, or peripneral neur-

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yentricle be present, dulness will also extend to the right for 1 inch

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Functional and other harmless murmurs are often confounde<l wiih

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the first not exudative, but productive ; that is, with the formation of

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air-borne. Even this view, however, fails to explain satisfactorily the

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[)leurisy, [)neumonia, and jmlmonary tuberculosis, have been found

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