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is almost as bad in Dublin, Bristol, Leicester, and Brighton."

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of its sheath, from which the engravings were prepared.

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remitted to the Secretary to communicate with Dr. Buchanan,

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to bear in that often difficult position. The President must

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*• Etnde d'un Xouveaa Sel de Fer, These de Paris, ISS.').

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cases of Post-diphtheritic Paralysis.— Dr. Brooks showed a

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any form of diabetes than the pancreatic liquid. I have for

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Mr. Sidney Turner said an important point tor considera-

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1871, of the number of patients admitted to hospital, 91 per

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anterior iliac sj-ine ; in the iliac and pelvic varieties between

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any statement " to the effect that the bacillus («!c) has been

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possess a thorough knowledge of everything Indian, and

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from the gall bladder to the surface is quite formed, and no

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V. Wise, L.R.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.I., Trowbridge; W. A. Hayes,

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the congestion produces enlargement of the tumour, giving

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italicised are interesting with reference tu tlie < aire drainage scheme. A

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attack lasted for an hour and a- halt. There were no subse-

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of Medicine) ; Sections B and F will be accommodated in

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of this letter, the doctor wrote the following rejoinder; " I will not see

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ttiing tliat can be relieved, or of relieving the cholfemia by

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officer under their serious consideration. At the outset they

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frothy food and mucus. A hard mass was very plainly to be

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in the infant mortality attributable to the practice of married

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caused him to scream out. He fainted, and shortly after had

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is discussed at length. They sliow that 2,915 indi-

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complete breach of contract with all civil servants serving in-.

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of the whole of England and Wales— not with the urban popu-

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the middle class are often unable to pay for or accommodate the one,

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Aberdeen; S. Macaulay, L.R.C.P., 49, Jesmond Road, New-

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without it, and in four of these eight there has been prolapse

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lishment, Medical Officer fith Bengal Infantry, are placed at the d'sposal

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