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throcytcs. In the later stages of the disease or upon the supervention of
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alternately at intervals of a couple of weeks, have been found to be
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hypodermically in numerous cases at the Medico-Chirurgical, Pennsyl-
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Treatment. — In any case recourse should be had to mercury and
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before the color of the Fehling solution is discharged, there will be
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race, bovine ana human tuberculosis bein^ one and the same affection ;
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cells against the pleura, are audible, and when the interlobular variety
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diflferent manner, (b) By favoring the accumulation of uric acid in the
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encephalitis ever exists except as a result of traumatism. Certain it is
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shivering, and often chattering of the teeth. Malaise is marked, the
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ing. Tin* intercnstal spaces are much broadened and the visible aiH'X-
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Pathology. — It consists of a transudation of serum into the alveolar
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these murmurs. Their great variability as to presence or absence is an
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if alkaline, it contains ammonium urate, amorphous phosphates, and
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found to have arisen from a single case of typhoid occurring in a house
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('^) Hvrcih'tan/ Transnn'sftton, — Paternal transmission (through the
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The treatment is that of cerebral hemorrhage ; in some cases ope-
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Sjrtnptoins* — As in the acute form, hoarseness and cough are the
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appear from the face, then from the upper extremities, and, finally, or
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whilst it occurs during convalescence, it seldom lasts longer than one,
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fits of chilliness, alternating with flushings of heat, and there is a slight
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intensity. Mental disturbances, particularly marked depression or great
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rence of certain other acute infectious diseases — such as measles, whoop-
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be noted, and also a coolness of the extremities during the exacerbations
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many cases but little pain is complained of, whilst in a lesser number
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fortieth case,^ which prior to reaching a fatal issue had developed wide-
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recognizable. "The micro-organisms are numerous, in lively motion, but
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vious inflammatory conditions, as a calculous pyelitis, or subsequent
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Sex, — The disease is much more frequent in males than in females.
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the naked-eye appearances almost normal. The coats, however, and par-