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tis, though cases have terminated fatally in which no morbid lesions
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exposure to cold and wet, or those living in humid and low, marshy
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of accuracy by the use of creasote in gradually ascending doses. Hence
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with brandy (highly diluted) and an abundance of fresh air are pre-cni-
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bitis can only be palliative. Surgical measures are rarelv curative, unless
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cold, gout, and irritative lesions of the pelvic organs (kidneys, liver).
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portant symptoms are the hemispheric prominences (sometimes sepa-
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sues from retention and absorption of bile and resulting from a catarrhal
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often already attended by incipient dilatation. They may be lot-al en-
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have been much vaunted as substitutes. The tincture of veratrum
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Differential Diagnosis. — Typhu% fever may be mistaken for relapsing
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thiuk little is to be gained from their employment as compared with the
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explanation of their occurrence is to be found in the fact that suppura-
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of the microbe, and when inoculated the chief ptomain of the Klebs-
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continued tension in the blood-vessels is followed by dilatation of the
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in health, remembering the tendency to vomit in all acute febrile aflfec-
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considerations that assist in improving the nutrition of the cardiac
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the supply of alkaline arterial blood, which, as is well known, prevent*
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the normal quantity of saliva may cause dribbling from the month aid
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hindered. Increase*! ])ressure in the right auricle produces dilatati<^n
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Speech Center. — The articulate speech center is located in the poste-
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of symptoms are present in typical cases — first, those due to involve-
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symptoms other than the suggestive eruption. Rarely, joint-pains and
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drawal of these druji^s and the free administration of alkalies.
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separately or in conjunction — viz. (1) hydromyelia^ a dilatation of the
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ijuently cbangeg tbe poftition ot tbe organ ; beoce
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in the immediate Surroundings. The previous condition of healthy espe-
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«ver slight, they should lead to a careful physical examination of tb*
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whether tuberculous or not, in which the fluid effusion reaccumulates
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rated. The latter are greenish-gray or greenish-yellow in color, and