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minute drops, and the amount adherent to the tip of the

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one to three weeks. So soon as convalescence has set in, the time comes

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seen unexplained cases ; one instance I have known in a woman who had

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part indolent. They do not extend peripherally, nor do they become

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dread of the pain or because he relies on the presence of the hair to

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scars, like those of a burn, or of keloid, which were covered with planus

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even fatal nutritional disturbances. So too with derangements of appetite.

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main unchanged for months. Others, notably the halo-

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disorder when he attempted to use his hammer ; but which were always present,,

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sometimes recognised before the eruption begins ; and, in the severer

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existing between sweat and sebaceous secretion is further shown by the

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red colour. The roots of the hairs are not involved, but the zooglcea

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at a distance of 2 feet in front of the face the eyes in following it should

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by the doctors' servants, pitched out of the window at an inn,

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lishing Linacre's college, which declare that heretofore a

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exudates, resembles blood -plasma more than serum. It coagulates

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chloride in full doses (10-15 grains ter die). For the arthritis the best

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a form with thick scales resembling psoriasis, but not typical in dis-